Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A trip to London and the CRGH

After much research and looking at different success rates and fertility forums I've decided on the CRGH up in London for another opinion. This is going to be my third opinion! A part of me wonders if I really am flogging a dead horse here, I mean really what can they tell me new? How can my hormone levels possibly be different and therefore better?
I had an appointment today with Dr Irfana Koita-Kazi, I've chose to have an appointment with her based purely on her expertise with women of suboptimal ovarian reserve which I believe is me. The appointment was at 12.00 and it's a two and a half hour journey to get there, it sounds crazy doesn't it but they have such great success rates that I have to give it a go.

Dr Irfana was very nice and very optimistic which is nice to see, one thing she did say that I think will always stay with me, when I told her that the last clinic told me that I may be entering the menopause she replied we were all entering the menopause! I thought that was really nice of her and really optimistic, that's what I need.
Dr Irfana described to me Natural Cycle IVF, this is where no drugs are used and you rely purely on the body for selecting the one good quality egg and going from there. Of course there are pros and cons but it's another avenue to look at which is what I wanted. The doctor at the last clinic said it was my egg quality that was the problem and Dr Irfana said that when you do regular IVF and produce multiple eggs the egg quality could diminish and so by focusing on just one egg there is a far better chance of a good quality egg. Lets hope so.
She explained that there are chances when at different stages along the way the cycle may not continue, either the follicle contains no egg, or the follicle isn't growing, or if they do get an egg then it may not fertilise and if it does it may not continue to grow for three days and if it does it may not implant. Lots and lots of ifs but I'm willing to give it a go, I'm willing to put my trust in someone with more optimism. :-)
The doctor went on to explain that on the second day of my period I would need to come up to the clinic for the usual blood test and scan to check follicles and hormone levels then from day 7/8 I would need to come up everyday until the follicle reaches the desired size when i would then have a day off before needing to be at the clinic again for egg collection, then hopefully if an egg is collected and fertilised it would be transferred back in three days later. Ok......lets get started!

Oops first though I need to transfer the two vials of sperm I have on ice in Brighton.

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