Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Follow up appointment

I was really heartbroken about my last attempt not working and I honestly thought it must be that there was a problem with implantation but after going back to see the doctor she told me that it was the quality of my eggs that was the problem! Well that was a massive blow. Thats really was like telling me to forget it you have no chance, you're too old and way past it, I was really upset by what she was saying and tried to understand it but struggled with the facts to be honest. The doctor has suggested that I could give it another go if I wanted but that after that she realy didn't think it was worth it. I feel like that is a real sentence, that the next time is my very last go then forget it. If money was no object I'd just keep going and going because after all it's got to work at some point hasn't it? But here she is telling me that really the chances are that it wont!

I've decided to have another go (I know I'll just keep trying and trying) and see what happens and then go from there but I guess the reality is that I have to think properly about egg donation. In the meantime though I just need to wait until my next period.

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